How to Make Gum

Bubble gum is a chewy, enjoyable treat for people of all ages, especially children. They may have always wondered how to make their own or think that it was not possible for them to make at home, but it is possible. Learning how to make gum is an easy process. Bubble gum making will often require the help of a kit specifically designed to help along the process.

Bubble Gum Kits

These bubble gum kits typically contain the best gum base available, citric acid, flavoring and glycerin. Flavoring will generally consist of the basic bubble gum flavor as well as two random surprise flavors. Certain bubble gum kits may come with wax paper or aluminum foil in which people can either store their gum or share it with others to enjoy.

Aside from the bubble gum kit, powdered sugar and corn syrup will be necessary. Equipment necessary for the project include a microwave safe bowl or dish, a spoon and some wax paper or a zip-lock bag. If a zip-lock bag is not available, wax paper, aluminum foil or any other sort of storage device should work just fine.

Bubble Gum Making

How to Make Gum

How to Make Gum

To start, take the gum base, glycerin, corn syrup and citric acid and put them into the bowl or dish. If planning to use the microwave method, the bowl will be used. If planning to use the stove top method, the dish will be used. For the microwave, put the bowl with the ingredients inside for 30 seconds and stir. Keep adding ten seconds if it has not melted. For stove top, place the ingredients on top of a heat resistant dish in a pan of boiling water. Heat it until the gum base is soft and gooey, which may take up to ten minutes.

Now add flavoring as well as any desired food coloring to the mix. Flavoring should only consist of about five to seven drops. This should provide enough flavor to last for awhile later on. Stir well.

Take a tablespoon of sugar and set it aside. Place half of the remaining sugar onto the work surface. Try not to pour too fast or it will create a sugar cloud. Pour the melted mixture slowly on top of the sugar, which should quickly cool. Start kneading the mixture as though it were dough. Add sugar when the mixture gets sticky and continue to add some until it is stiff. Keep kneading for about fifteen minutes. When the mixture is smooth and can be rolled with the hands, kneading is done.

Cutting the Gum Into Strips

Roll out the gum with a rolling pin dusted with powdered sugar. Either by using scissors or a pizza cutter, cut strips about half an inch long. Alternatively, try rolling it onto a half inch diameter rope, cutting pieces individually that are about half an inch long as well.

Once all of the strips or pieces of bubble gum are cut up, simply dust them with powdered sugar and the bubble gum is finished. To store this bubble gum, either place them in a sealed zip lock bag or wrapped in wax paper or aluminum foil. Some bubble gum kits may contain this in them. If they do not, then luckily they can be found in just about any supermarket or other store.

To summarize, bubble gum is an easy treat to make, whether parents are making a delicious surprise for their children or kids want to make themselves something nice with the help of an adult. The procedure is simple and can be done by anyone. Try this special treat on Halloween and see the look on the kids’ faces when they are told they were given homemade gum.

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