How to Make Ice Cream

Ice cream has been a favorite treat for people of all ages for many centuries. During World War II, the military used it as a morale builder for servicemen. Parents, teachers, and coaches use ice cream to reward children for tasks well done. In addition, ice cream is a favorite dessert after meals and for celebratory events. Some people enjoy learning how to make ice cream as well as eating it.

Making Ice Cream

Numerous methods exist for making ice cream. No one is certain exactly when the first ice cream was made or how it was done. It is believed that the oldest known method was used by the Chinese. The technique used snow and saltpeter packed around a container holding cream mixed with syrup or fruit concoctions mixed with honey and cream.

Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

There are two basic types of homemade ice cream recipes. Philadelphia style requires no eggs, while custard style requires egg yolks. The custard style is usually smoother and richer tasting. It is believed that the Italians were the first to use this type of recipe. However, as with most of ice cream’s history, there is a dispute as to who originally came up with the idea of adding eggs.

Philadelphia Style Ice Cream

The Philadelphia style is quicker to make, but is less smooth than custard style. It does not require all the cooking that custard style requires. One of the first well-known recorded ice cream recipes of this style was published by Hannah Glasse in 1747. Her method involved placing a mixture of cream, fruits, and sugar in a small pewter basin. After sealing the small basin, it was put inside a larger pewter basin. The larger basin was then filled with ice and a handful of salt and sealed too. This method required quite a bit of stirring the mixture by hand.

All of the older techniques required quite a bit of shaking or stirring the ice cream mixture. They also required long periods of chilling the ingredients and then freezing them. Nancy Johnson sped up this process by inventing the hand-crank freezer in 1843. The current ice makers consist of four basic types: manual, electric, compressor freezer, and freezer unit. Each ice maker uses its own type of freezing method.

Popular Ice Cream Method

How to Make Ice Cream

How to Make Ice Cream

The most popular method involves utilizing electric ice cream makers. These machines can speed up the process while retaining the fun inherent to ice cream making. People usually start out with a basic recipe of cream, milk, refined sugar, and eggs. Then anything a person desires can be added in to give the ice cream more flavor and coloring. Some people even use wine to flavor their ice cream.

People who do not have ice cream makers can still make ice cream at home. Some people find it more fun to make the ice cream by hand rather than using the modern electric ice cream makers. They place a mixture of cream or milk, refined sugar, and vanilla extract into a small plastic storage bag. Then the small bag is placed inside a larger plastic bag, filled with rock salt and ice. The people then toss, roll, or kick the bag around for about twenty minutes, until the mixture thickens into ice cream. Tin cans may be used instead of plastic bags. Additionally, other ingredients, such as fruit, or chocolate syrup may be added to flavor the ice cream.

Making Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker

Another way to make ice cream without an ice cream maker is to use a mixing bowl and mixer. Either type of recipe is suitable for this task. For this method, it is best to chill the ice cream base before making the ice cream, so it will freeze faster.

The consistency and taste of ice cream depends on how much air it contains and how quickly it has been frozen. The type and amount of each ingredient used will also affect the consistency. The stage of the freezing process the extra ingredients are added in will also make a difference.

When adding flavorings, the solid ingredients should be added in after the freezing process, before placing the ice cream in the freezer to harden. However, it is recommended that the liquid flavorings be added in before the freezing process is begun. The ingredients should not be larger than a chocolate chip unless it is soft.

Ice cream making can be lots of fun. The person just needs to remember that it may not come out exactly like store bought products. However, if the person experiments long enough, he or she will be able to create the perfect ice cream.

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